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Indigenous Culture and Resource-Based Consulting Services


Resource Mapping

Our experts guide you in identifying and utilizing indigenous resources ethically and sustainably, helping to carve out a niche market that honors tradition and nature.


Strategy Development

Leverage the depth of indigenous knowledge to build business strategies that are both innovative and rooted in time-tested principles.  



Build stronger, respectful, and mutually beneficial relationships with indigenous communities through guided engagement strategies that foster trust and collaboration.



We assist you in understanding and complying with regulations pertaining to indigenous cultures and resources, ensuring your business operates within a legal and respectful framework.



Budding entrepreneurs can benefit immensely from mentorship programs where seasoned indigenous entrepreneurs offer guidance, sharing their journey and insights.



Our team comprises experts with deep knowledge and understanding of indigenous cultures, providing you with authentic and reliable consultations.

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Freelance Styling Services

Services offer a plethora of on-location hair solutions catered to both individuals and businesses


Personal Events

Weddings: Be it a bride, groom, or a guest, we provide exceptional hair services ensuring everyone looks their best on the special day.

Starting From $75

Corporate Events

Fashion Shows: Our experts are here to design remarkable hairstyles that complement fashion designers’ visions during runway shows.

Starting From $48


Magazines & Publications: We offer creative hair solutions for editorial shoots, providing hairstyles that align with the creative direction of the story.
Music Videos: Let us craft styles that go hand in hand with the beats and rhythm, adding a visual symphony to the music productions.

Starting From $40

Customized Styling

Personalized Sessions: Book a session for a personalized hairstyle that meets your style and preferences, be it for a date night, an interview, or just a personal makeover.

Starting From $64
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